29 August 2016

Guqin – Stillness of Mind in 7 Strings

An intimate evening with the Guqin and its Masters.

Presented by Hengyi Pacific, Soulful Strings Studio

An elegant concert featuring the timeless, traditional and contemporary sounds of the gentle yet powerful ‘instrument of the sages’.

The Guqin, a beautiful, venerable stringed instrument from the zither family is showcased alongside the stunning sounds of both the ancient and the modern, including the Guzheng, Piano, Cello, Bamboo Flute and Kunqu Opera Singer.

For one night only, masters of their instruments travel from China, coming together to deliver a unique performance of Chinese music, culture and spirituality that will transcend time. You’ll be cast back to a time 3000 years ago when kings were gods, where the sounds and poetry of the Guqin brought a stillness of mind to the greatest of philosophers, conquerors and scholars.

Booking Information

Event Date:  Wednesday 23 November 2016 7.30pm

Event Venue: Melbourne Recital Centre – Elisabeth Murdoch Hall

Duration: 1 hour 30 min (no interval)