22 July 2020

Pacifica – 2020 Winter Construction Update

The Pacifica structure is largely complete with the L55 Slab pour having occurred
in mid-May. Construction of the rooftop plant rooms and the top of the outrigger
columns is now underway.

The final pour of L55 has triggered the deconstruction of the jump-form; with full
removal being targeted for mid-June. The top of the jump-form (if you get to see
this before it is removed) sits at approximately the height of the final façade

The façade continues to chase the structure, with panels now having been
installed up to L49 and the remainder of the panels due to be installed by early
July. The feature glazing now creates a shimmering effect in certain light as it rises
into the Auckland skyline.

Fit-out trades continue throughout the building with ceiling closures and joinery
being installed upwards of Level 32. At lower levels, the Commerce Street podium
façade begins to twist up into the ribbon façade showcasing the wrapping totemlike
form of the building.