24 November 2016

The Instrument of the Sages’ lends its history to Melbourne

The qin more commonly known as the guqin is a seven stringed zither instrument with a history spanning over three thousands years in China.

The preferred instrument of the sages and literati, the guqin has had generations of masters including Emperor Shun and Confucius.

Regarded as the most elegant form of music, the guqin is renowned for its Buddhist sensibility and mindfulness, vibrato sound and wafting, low-toned, melodies.

Held over two nights at The Arts Centre and Melbourne Recital Centre on November 22rd and

23th the events will include a Gala Dinner and a Concert performance. Melbourne can delight in the sounds of the historical Chinese seven-stringed guqin instrument with the Chinese masters.

Mandarin Producer Alan Qu interviewed one of the performer, the Chinese guqin Master Mr Zhang Zisheng.


By Alan Qu
Published on Tuesday, November 22, 2016 – 14:00
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